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  What makes us a credible resource is we only evaluate your situation and provide guidance.  We don’t get commissions, provide hosting, seo or paid search services.  <Learn More>

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“Your Digital Solution Must Be Efficient and Effective To Pass our Litmus Success Test.”

– Digital Revenue Mission.

How Digital Revenue Services Drives Value – Expected % Increase

We drive value by helping you to deliver the right message, through the right channels at the right time.  We do this by understanding your specific business model and the value add you provide your customers.  By creating a rolling 30/60/90 digital marketing plan, we efficiently and effectively target business.

Lead Acquisition

Customer Retention

Reputation Improvement

Your Satisfaction

What your customers are saying!

“85% find it frustrating when a company’s website is not configured for mobile phone browsing.”
– Source: Dialogue Marketing
“26 – the number of customers who remain quiet for every 1 who complains.”
– Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs
“Good luck to you if your website has not loaded after just 3 seconds.”
– Source: Google
“44% of Millennials expect the experience to be the same regardless of channel.”
– Source for for DL 5 Truths
“20 languages are required to reach 80% of online population.”
– Source: SDL
“72% of consumers have a more favorable view of a company if they provide a customer service app.
– Source: Nuance
“Brand Advocates are 82% more effective than mediocre advertising.
– Source: Joe Pack
“12 – the number of positive experiences it takes to make up for one poor one.
– Source: understanding customers – Ruby Newell-Legner
“36% of Millennials spend money based on a brand’s mobile offerings.
– Source: Mobile Marketer

Why Choose Digital Revenue Services?

There are thousands of companies throughout the United States and Europe that are providing essentially the same digital solutions for SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Display Marketing, Web Development/Hosting, Mobile Marketing and App Development.

What makes Digital Revenue Services different and special is we know how to provide all the services but we do not provide them to our clients.  Rather we are 100% advisory company to inform you if you are properly spending your digital dollars to gain the maximum return.  We will evaluate and provide guidance as to how  you should redirect your dollars based on your business objectives.