You Win & We Win

The ultimate digital revenue package!

Usually when you talk to a vendor, they are more interested in taking your money for a service rather than truly caring if their services is making you successful.

For this reason, we introduced the “You Win & We Win” Package. The package works as follows:

  • We discuss the goals you wish to achieve on line.  For example, these might be lead generation, more traffic, improved eblast click-throughs, social media engagement.
  • We benchmark your existing performance.
  • Based on what you want to achieve (aligned with realistic industry benchmarks) and what you are currently doing, we draw a plan for your success.
  • In terms of price, we structure our pricing based on achieving your success milestones.
  • We were are not successful in helping you achieve your goals, then we should not be compensated our full market price for our services.
  • This is where you win and we win.  You reach your goals and we know we have truly added value to our client.


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